JLP Builders' Commitment to Energy Star Certified Custom Homes

At JLP Builders, we are committed to promoting energy efficiency and sustainable building practices in New Braunfels, Texas. Focusing on energy efficiency and sustainable building practices provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their home was constructed with a more responsible approach that's better for the environment — while helping save on utility bills.

We've partnered with Energy Star to achieve this vision and goal. Our Energy Star-certified custom homes are luxurious and are designed to create better homes for the future.

Understanding Energy Star Ratings for Custom Homes

Homebuyers looking for energy-efficient homes in the Texas Hill County area can feel confident knowing JLP has met the criteria for an Energy Star rating.

What Is Energy Star, and How Does It Benefit Homeowners?

Energy Star was created in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Not all custom homes have this certification. In order to achieve it, homes must meet specific criteria, pass an inspection and receive third-party verification by an Energy Rating Company.

This designation is significant in homebuilding because it shows that the home went through the entire process and has more energy-efficient features and elements than a standard house. If you move into one of these houses, you can feel confident that your living space will be more comfortable and efficient while adding lasting value to your property.

The Financial Advantages of Owning a Custom Green Home

Along with knowing you're making a more sustainable choice that benefits the environment, there are also several financial advantages you'll enjoy when you own an Energy Star-certified custom green home.

Lower Utility Bills and Increased Energy Efficiency

Compared to non-certified homes, Energy Star homes use significantly less energy. The less energy your home consumes, the more efficient and performance-driven your home will be. You'll be able to reduce your utility bills each month and experience overall savings on energy costs each year. If you decide to sell your home in the future, these features can help you benefit from a better resale value as well.

Incorporating Energy Star Standards in Custom Texas Hill Country Home Design

From creating custom home plans from scratch to handling details like installing energy-efficient windows in your New Braunfels, Texas, home, our design process covers it all.

Essential Elements of Energy-Efficient Home Design

A few key elements are especially important and significantly impact how energy-efficient a home design is:

Because we have the capability to modify our existing plans or create new ones, we can easily integrate these kinds of elements into your new home.

Get Started on Your Energy-Efficient Custom Home With JLP Builders

With JLP Builders, your search for eco-friendly home builders near the Texas Hill County area is over. No matter your needs or design vision, we are here to work with you to help you achieve your dream home. With our variety of home plans that you can build as is or customize to your liking, it's easier than ever to design a stylish and sustainable home.

While we are located in New Braunfels, we build all throughout:

Give us a call at 830-224-3060 or reach out online today to learn more and start designing your custom, affordable, luxurious — and energy-efficient — new home.