How to Choose a House Plan for Your New Texas Hill Country Home

Choosing, designing and building a custom home can be an overwhelming process. Selecting the ideal design, features and layout is essential for ensuring your dream home turns out as you envisioned. With so much rest on getting everything right, you should make all the critical decisions beforehand. A solid plan helps you articulate your vision to builders and keeps you on budget while delivering the home you want. Check out our custom homebuilding tips to help you start your design. 


How to Start Building a Home in the Texas Hill Country

When planning to build a house in the Texas Hill Country, determining your wants and needs is essential before beginning the process. Having your preferences in mind ensures your custom dream home meets your expectations and practical requirements. Think about everything you want and try to narrow down your list to what you can realistically achieve while still bringing your vision to life. 

Here are some essential considerations when creating plans for building a house.

  1. Location: Start by choosing the perfect site for your lifestyle, whether it's a bustling city neighborhood or a serene countryside setting. 
  2. Budget: Set a budget and stick to it. What size, style, rooms and features can you afford?
  3. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms: Consider your family and whether you will entertain guests when determining how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. 
  4. Outdoor space: Plan for outdoor living areas, like a patio or deck, to enjoy Texas' warm climate. 
  5. Energy efficiency: Incorporate energy-efficient design elements, like solar panels, insulation and Energy Star appliances, to reduce long-term utility costs. 
  6. Kitchen and amenities: If you love to cook or want a welcoming space, prioritize a well-equipped kitchen and essential amenities, like a spacious pantry and laundry room. 
  7. Storage: Ensure you have enough storage space throughout the house, including closets, a garage and an attic. 

You want your custom dream home to fit your budget while having all the amenities and room your family needs. Work with your design team to ensure you get the space you've always wanted to live in. 

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Choosing Your Design and Style

Design and style are pivotal in creating your custom dream home. When figuring out how to choose a house plan, you must outline your ideal floor plan. 

The Texas Hill Country offers diverse architectural styles, each with its unique charm. Consider factors like climate and environment and pick a style that suits your taste while helping you stand out. You'll also need to establish your current and future space requirements. A new home is a significant investment — you want it to have everything you'll need for years. 

At JLP Builders, we'll help you get the custom home you've always wanted. Our inspiration design process allows you to pick from predesigned options and find the design that exceeds your expectations. If you're looking for even more control, our custom plan building process helps you get all the features and interior design looks you want. Whatever your choice, we'll work with you every step of the way to deliver affordable luxury results. 

Custom Home Layout Design

Layout is a critical factor when designing your custom home. You want a functional, attractive layout that gives you the privacy and openness you want. Often, choosing the right floor plan for your needs involves picking one of these three layout styles.

  • Traditional: Traditional layouts are timeless and often feature separate rooms with clearly designated functions. You'll typically find formal living and dining rooms, a closed-off kitchen and bedrooms in different wings. Traditional layouts prioritize symmetry and a classic aesthetic, making them well-suited for those who prefer a more conventional and cozy feel. 
  • Contemporary: Contemporary designs break away from tradition, emphasizing open spaces and fluidity. They often incorporate large, open-concept living areas that seamlessly flow into one another, blurring the lines between kitchen, living and dining spaces. This design approach is ideal for those who enjoy a sense of spaciousness, minimalism and a connection with the outdoors. High ceilings and expansive windows maximize natural light in contemporary layouts.
  • Custom: A custom layout combines elements of traditional and modern designs, entirely tailored to your preferences. It allows you to create a unique floor plan that aligns with your lifestyle, needs and aesthetics. You have the freedom to design rooms and spaces as you envision them. Custom layouts ensure your home entirely reflects your personality and requirements. 

Lot Size Considerations 

When planning to build a custom home, lot size is crucial for shaping your home's functionality and overall appeal. Once you select a lot, you must adjust your home design according to the following factors.

  • Home layout: Lot size directly affects your home's footprint. A larger lot offers more design flexibility, allowing for spacious outdoor areas, landscaping and architectural styles. In contrast, smaller lots may require more compact designs and careful space use. 
  • Privacy and landscaping: Lot size will also impact your privacy and outdoor living. A larger lot typically provides more seclusion from neighbors and lets you create outdoor areas like gardens, patios or swimming pools. Smaller lots may necessitate creative landscaping and architectural solutions to maintain privacy. 
  • Resale value: If you're considering selling your home someday, lot size also affects its resale value. In many cases, larger lots are more desirable, as they offer more potential for customization. However, the location and neighborhood also play a crucial role in determining your property's value. 
  • Maintenance: Lastly, the lot size can influence your ongoing maintenance costs. Larger yards require more extensive landscaping and maintenance, translating to higher upkeep expenses. 

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Choose JLP Builders to Make Your Dream Home a Reality

If you're ready to bring your vision to life, look no further than JLP Builders. With an unmatched reputation for crafting custom homes that harmonize with your needs and the natural beauty of Texas Hill Country, we're your trusted partners in building your vision from the ground up. With many stylish floor plan options and model home tours, you can see our lasting results and choose the best layout for your needs. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and custom home service set us apart as a premier builder in Texas Hill Country. 

Explore the communities we serve and check out our lot seminars to learn more about our excellent work. Contact us online today, and let's begin building the home you've always imagined.